Races Help Guide

Races Help Guide

Refer to the ‘Races’ tab in the navigation bar to access all race related features:

These Features include:

  • Races that all members can view and participate in: ‘All Races’, 'All Upcoming Races', 'All Race Results'.

  • Races that only a stable owner (member) can view and participate in; ‘My Races’, 'My Rejected Races' & 'My Race Requests'.

All Races

‘All Races’ page allows a member to view and enter all available races across a variety of race criteria. Use the filter button on the ‘All Races’ page to locate a specific race or race type/s that you would like to enter.

Race Filter:

The full race name, or partial name of a race can be typed into the ‘Name’ field when searching for a particular race.

For example, when searching for a ‘Maiden 2Y C - Gr1’, it will only be necessary to type in ‘Maiden’ to search for all maiden races

A member can also refine their search by applying specific race parameters, simply click on the various drop downs icons located to the right of the search criteria; ‘Grade’, ‘Age’, ‘Date’, ‘Distance’, ‘Race Type’ etc.

Use the Date; ‘From’ – ‘To’ fields to search a certain date or date range.

Remember to click the ‘Get Races’ button to retrieve the race search.

All Upcoming Races

On the ‘Upcoming Races’ page members are able to view all ‘Upcoming and open for entries’ races available on the site. This means that these races are scheduled to run and are still open for entry, provided that the horse is eligible to run in the selected race.

Use the ‘Filter’ and select ‘Status’ to search for additional races, such as:

  • ‘Upcoming’, these races are closed for entries and scheduled to run.

  • ‘Last Races Run’, Races which have run.

  • ‘Open for Entries’. These races are races that are still available to enter, provided you have eligible horses in your stable. To enter, simply click the ‘Enter Race’ button and a list of eligible horses in your stable will be displayed. Click the green ‘Entry Fee/ Enter Race’ button next to the horses name and the selected horse/s will be instantly be entered into the race.

All Race Results

The ‘All Race Results’ page allows members to view all races on the site that have run. Use the filter button to locate a specific race results for a particular race type or types.

Click the ‘Show Results’ button on the race details to view the results for a particular race.

To view which stables and which horses raced in a particular race, click on the 3 vertical black dots to the left of the race name. From there you are able to view more details about the participating horses by selecting the drop down arrow next to a particulars horse/s name.

My Races

Members are able to view their upcoming races and racing history on the ‘My Races’ page.

On the ‘My Races’ page members are able to:

  • Enter any additional horses (pending eligibility).

  • Add/ remove products

  • Access the horses ‘Details’, ‘Info’, ‘Train’ and ‘Race’ pages (by clicking on a particular horse’s name).

At the top of the page is list of the stables owners (members) races, in historical order. The most recent races are positioned on the left and older races are positioned on the right. To search for older races, that are not displayed on the current view simply scroll to the right using the scroll bar.

By default the page will display your next ‘upcoming race’, highlighted in Green. Click on subsequent race times, not highlighted, to view previous race results.

My Rejected Races

The ‘My Rejected Races’ page lists all of a members races which have been rejected, displaying the horses name as well as the reason why the race had been declined.

My Race Requests

(Not complete still some dev errors being fixed)

Request A Race' (RAR)

This feature allows trainers to enter into races exactly suited to their race requirements, without having to wait for races to be programmed on the schedule.

Entering Races by Horse Selection:

STEP 1 - Set the 'Horse Preferences (HP)' for your horse.

  • Go to the ‘Stable Page’, click on the name of the horse/s you would like to set horse preferences for. Click the ‘Info’ Tab and refer to 'Horse Preferences'.
  • Select and save preferred Race type, Distance and Going by simply clicking on the button. Activated preferences are highlight by a Green button and Deactivated preferences are highlighted by a grey button.
  • Horse preferences can also be set when training a horse.

STEP 2 – Select Horse to ENTER.

From your 'Stable Page’, choose which horse you want to enter and click the 'ENTER RACES' button.

STEP 3 - Enter using HP settings.

By default, races are filtered by any ‘Horse Preferences' that are set. If no ‘Horse Preferences' are set, all races will be displayed.

STEP 4 – Choose Races

Select desired races from the 'Scheduled', 'Requested by Others', ‘Match’ and/or 'Races Not Yet Requested' lists.

STEP 5 (optional) – Min /Max runners & Fitness

Select the minimum runners, 3+ to 7+ by clicking and dragging the slider that you would like in the selected race/s, before entering your horse.

Adjust the minimum fitness requirement for a race that you would like your horse to run in by clicking and dragging the fitness slider.

*Note this is only available for the 'MATCH' & 'REQUEST' sections.

Races that you request or match for a horse will be scheduled as soon as the going is available on a day that at least another 2 horses from 2 other stables are available, and the race meets your minimum runner's criteria, and if the eligible horse/s are not already running in another race on the same day.

Note: Races that you have matched or requested will remain selected for the horse until it runs in a race that is scheduled through this system. A horse will only run in the first of the selected races that becomes available and will then require you to reselect races to subsequently run in. A horse will only be entered into one race at a time even when multiples have been selected under the 'Requested by Others' (Match) or 'Races Not Yet Requested' (Request) sections.

Managing Selected Races & Changing Selections

If you have REQUESTED or MATCHED races for a horse/s and now want to make changes to the minimum runners you previously selected, simply go to ‘My Race Requests’ under the 'Races' Tab and change the selection before clicking the 'UPDATE REQUEST' button to the right of the page.

To remove a selected race, simply click the 'REMOVE' button to the right of the page for a particular race request.

Note: Changes can only be made to Requested or Matched races whilst they are in this status. Once they have met the scheduling criteria and are therefore on the schedule, you cannot scratch a horse from the race.

Use Request-A-Race to auto-enter your horse

You can enter races on the pre-scheduled race program via the Request-A-Race (RAR) system – as they are linked. The RAR system looks through all races on the schedule for one that meets your request, which includes any pre-scheduled race/s programmed by the Race Programmer. If the race meets the RAR criteria such as the minimum 3 stable rule, it will enter the horse on your behalf.

You therefore have the benefit of entering races that are in demand and will run.

Why more than 3 requests may not put the race on the schedule

A minimum of 3 stables need to enter (Request & Match) an RAR race before it will be scheduled (receive a date & time).

Some of the horses that reflect as having requested a particular race may already be entered in another race on the day and therefore are not available to be entered at the time. Their Race Request still counts for another day and hence you could see more than 3 horses indicated as having requested a race even though the going and other specs would suggest that it should have been scheduled that day.

A horse needs sufficient credits available to cover the requested race entry for it to be entered into a Requested race when it comes up.

Request A Race (RAR) – 1 Race Entry @ a Time

When you 'Request' or 'Match' a few races for a horse, your horse will be entered into the first one that meets the RAR requirements (ie. 3 stables with eligible & available horses).

Your horse will NOT automatically be entered into more than one race. The reason for this is:

Your horse may not be fit enough to run a subsequent race and would therefore not be desirable.

As owner or the horse, you may want to commit to one entry fee at a time, view results before entering the horse again.

So you can go ahead and REQUEST / MATCH more than one going or distance for your horse without the fear of committing to more than one race. The most popular one will get scheduled first and the other requests / match's will be put aside for you to re-request at your leisure.

Championship Series

Quick Overview of Championships

  • The Championships Series is the highlight of the racing season.
  • The best horses and stables compete for victory in the Finals.
  • Enter into Qualifiers to earn qualifying points.
  • The top 14 horses as per the Standings will be automatically entered into the Finals.
  • There are Consolation races for some horses that do not make the Finals.
  • There is generally a Championships Series for each age group and at each distance group being Sprint, Classic or Stayers.

Navigate to Championships Races

Championships races are found under Races, Championships Series. This lists the Final race and Qualifying races for each Championships.

You can view the current point’s standings by selecting ‘View Standings’ any Qualifying or Final race.

You can also filter Future Races under Races for Championships Final races (and their linked Qualifying races).

Previous Championships winners can be found under Leader boards, Championships Winners.