Whats New


Welcome to the New Era of Virtual Horse Racing with the introduction of our all new responsive website. In order to assist you with the new interface please read the “Site Navigation Help Guide’ to achieve a better overview and understanding of all new functionalities and site navigations.

Site Navigation

Some elements of the current interface is not available on the new website. Features such as the forums, leader boards, inbox, profile page and several other game elements are only available on the legacy site. A redirect icon launch is displayed on all features which redirect to the relevant game section on the legacy site.

Navigation Bar:


Home Page:


The homepage is best defined as the navigation or map page allowing you to easily access and view updates and notes about the ‘Sales Ring’, your ‘Stable’, ‘Training’, ‘Races’ and ‘My Account’ features.


Daily Stakes and Sponsorship is displayed to the right of your screen giving a constant update of current activity.


Click on the credit balance icon monetization_on to view a breakdown of your account balance.

Click on the conditions icon filter_drama to view current and upcoming daily track goings.

Stable Page:

Click on the stable tab in the navigation bar to access and view all your virtual horses within your stable. From here you will be able to view each horse’s details, train your horses and enter available races.

For more information about the stable page view the Stable and Training Help Guide.


Click on training in the drop down menu of you stable tab to access and view all virtual horses within your stable that are ready to train. Use the interactive training selection process to select track, distance, going and runs most suited to the horse or horses you would like to train. Once the horse or horses have reached peak fitness, you will be notified that the horse is now ready to race.

For more information about training view the Stable and Training Help Guide

Races Page:

Click on the Races tab in the navigation bar to access and view ‘all races’, ‘upcoming races’, ‘race results’, ‘my races’, ‘my rejected races’, ‘my race requests’ and the ‘championship series’.

For more information about the races view the Races Help Guide

Sales Page:

Click on the Sales tab in the navigation bar to access and purchase horses from the sales ring as well as view all details regarding claims and auctions.

For more information about the sales page view the Sales Help Guide

Pavilion Page:

Click on the Pavilion tab in the navigation bar to access all community related sections, such as forums, inbox, Leader boards, previews and reviews, refer a friend and referees. This Pavilion is an upcoming addition to the new website, however to ensure that you are always updated on current activity all community related sections will redirect to the legacy site.

Accounts Page:

Click on the Account tab in the navigation bar or home page to access all account related functionality, such as purchasing credits, requesting cashins, updating personal details, changing your password and updating email preferences.

Members can also manage stable administration such as initiating a self-exclusion from the game or closing of their account.

For more information about the Accounts page view the Accounts Help Guide

Help Page:

Click on the Help tab in the navigation bar to access and view all help sections related to the site.

Time Notification:

The time notification located to the right of the screen displays the current time on the site as well as the members current session duration.

Search Icon:

The search icon search allows you to click and search for ‘Help’ items, ‘Owners’, fellow trainers ‘Horses’ or ‘Notes’.

Other Useful Game Icons:

While these are not on the main navigation tab, they can be found on certain pages when navigating through the site.

Expand button:

The expand icon expand_more implies that there is more information available. Click on the expand button to view additional details regarding the feature selected. For example the expand icon found to the left of your horse name in your stable. By clicking on the drop down icon you are able to view more information about the selected horse.





Bulk Selector button:

The bulk selector icon done_all enables you to select multiple items in bulk easily and effectively using a check box. Once all items are selected you are able to apply a task to the selected items in bulk accordingly. For example you can select multiple horses in you stable page and apply products, retire horse and pay stabling fees with just a click of a button.


Filter Button:

The filter icon filter_list allows the member to similar their search process by filtering bulk content. For example when looking for specific horses in your stable page you can filter your search criteria to locate a particular horse or horses more effectively.

There are several options that can be used to search, such as name, group, age, grade, gender, wins, status and fitness.

Be sure to click the ‘filter results’ button after entering a particular search field, to initiate the search.