Watching Races

Where To Watch Races

To watch races from the general schedule, select a race to view under the ‘Races’ or ‘Track’ sections located in the main navigation.
For races particular to your stable or horses, select the race you want to view from ‘My Race Results’ or find the race under your horses ‘Racing History’. You can also choose to view races live as they run from the ‘Upcoming Races’ section.

A small initial download of 7MB-11MB is required the first time you view a race. It’s quick, just follow the automatic prompts.

Use the toggle buttons on the viewer to customise your camera angle, information displayed, and for selecting the usual fast forward, pause/play options.

Alternative Viewers (older versions)

If you are encountering any difficulties viewing races using the Embedded Viewer we suggest adjusting your viewer settings to ‘Low’ or ‘Off’ (click the SETTINGS button on the viewer). Selecting ‘Immediate Mode’ may help in some cases. Thereafter, if still no success, refer to the ‘Troubleshooting Guide’ below or contact the Support Desk.

We recommend using the Embedded Viewer (referred to above) before trying any of the older viewers:

  • Click here to open the Enhanced Viewer (version 2)
  • Click here to open the Standard Viewer (version 1)

The Embedded race viewer is more precise than the Standard or Enhanced race viewers. Although the starting and finishing positions of the horses are identical across the older viewers, the way in which the horses run is different due to a more accurate dimensional scale being used in the Embedded viewer.

Troubleshooting Guide

Whilst we strive to be completely compatible with all browser types, systems and formats, there are many combinations which can be used. Race viewer issues are usually due to the user having out-dated pc software/drivers, the pc requiring some minor setting tweaks or the less likely issue being due to the pc not meeting the minimum specifications.

The site and its race viewers have been designed to optimally work with Internet Explorer 7, or newer. Any version of IE should prompt you to update as new versions become available unless you have turned off this feature. You can get the latest update to IE7 here.

The viewers do also work with Firefox and Google Chrome.

To obtain your system information and a record of the previous race run in the Embedded viewer, click the icon in the viewer, followed by the ‘Copy Log’ button. This is handy to include in emails when corresponding with the Support Desk regarding any difficulties encountered viewing races.

Setting the display color depth on your machine to 16 bit may help if you have difficulties using the viewers. To set the color depth, right click on your desktop, then click Properties, then Settings

Should you wish to uninstall the Enhanced race viewer, go to Settings - control panel.Select the "Java" option on the control panel. On the General tab, click to view the Temporary Internet Files.Select the Race Viewer application and press the Delete key.

To uninstall the Embedded race viewer, locate and delete the folder called KironRaceViewer in your home folder.
The Standard race viewer is not installed directly on your machine.

Making a Race Video

Use this feature of the Embedded Race Viewer to process your favourite races into a format you can either nostalgically save to your computer for later viewing, or upload to other sites on the Net.

To make a race video, navigate to the selected race and press the  button. Note that this button will only appear for races that have already been run.

A window will open where you can specify the type and quality of video file to create.

Basic Settings

On the basic settings screen you can select to create a video in either Standard Definition or High Definition. The size and quality of the video saved with these settings will be sufficient for most uses.

Press the “Create Video” button to save the race as a video file. By default, the race video will be saved as an AVI file on your desktop, using the name of the race as the file name.

To cancel the video while it is being saved, press the Esc key. Otherwise, simply let the race run to completion. The race may appear to run a lot slower than normal, as a large amount of data is being saved to disk.

Advanced Settings

Press the “Advanced” button for more advanced settings – especially if you intend manipulating the video in your own video editing software later.

Select the required dimensions of your video. Note that the larger the dimensions, the more disk space the video will require, and the longer it will take to produce. Also, the final video may be cropped if you choose a size larger than your current screen resolution.

Select the AVI Frame Compression type:

  • The default will be JPG, which uses the least disk space.
  • RAW will use the most disk space but will result in videos of the highest possible quality.
  • PNG will use less disk space than RAW but more than JPG while still giving the best quality, but the resulting videos will probably not be compatible with Microsoft Windows Media Player or Microsoft Movie Maker.

Select the Audio Format, which can be either PCM (i.e. uncompressed) or None. You may choose the None option if you intend adding your own soundtrack later.

Select the JPG Quality, if you have chosen the JPG compression type. Obviously, the higher the quality, the more disk space will be required for the video.

You should select RAW, PNG or JPG with 100% quality if you intend manipulating and saving the video with your own video editing tools later.

Show Progress Slider – If checked, the video will include the progress indicator along the bottom edge of the video.

Show Horse Order – If checked, the video will include the list of horses in current running order in the top left of the screen. Note that you can click on a horse name in this list while the video is being generated, in order to highlight that horse in the video.

Include Pre-race – If checked, the scene prior to the starting gate will be included in the video.

Include Commentary – un-check this if you intend adding your own commentary.

Select one of the camera angles. These are the same cameras that appear in the normal Embedded viewer

By default, the race video will be saved as an AVI file on your desktop, using the name of the race as the file name. Press the Browse button to select another location to save videos to.

Press the “Create Video” button to save the race as a video file.

Uploading Your Own Race Video

First, create the race video as described in ‘Making a Race Video’ above.

To upload your video to sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion, MetaCafe, or Y!, go to the respective site and simply follow their prompts to add your own video. The video file to upload will be located in the folder you preselected or, if you did not specify where to save it to, the desktop.

If you are having trouble locating the file, either do a search on your computer’s hard drive for the name of the race you saved (eg. Maiden Allowance 2Y CF) or for ‘avi’ which will be the file type.

Once uploaded, share your racing success with friends on Facebook and other such social communities.