Trophy Room

Trophy Room

Trainers now have access to a Trophy room which displays various awards for their racing achievements and accomplishments.

This is found on the ‘Profile page’ under the ‘Community Tab’.

It is stable specific, consisting of shelves ranked according to grade, displaying Championship Trophies, Division Shields and Medals. Trainers can also view another stables Trophy room as well.

Trophy Room

Divided into the following shelves: Championships, Grade 1, Grade 1 low and Grade 2 with each shelve represented by different colours eg gold Grade 1, silver Grade 1 low and bronze Grade 2. Each Divisional Shield and Medal will also display in the relevant colour for a members achievement in the relevant grade.

Each shelve besides the Championship shelve consists of the following Race Types: WFA, LEVEL WEIGHT and MAIDEN. Rated races and any Free races such as New Stable Races do not count, only wins in stakes races are recognised.

Trophy room links:

Relevant Statistic :

Displays the Total Stakes Races, Runs, Places, Wins & Earnings.

Please note: The current days stats may not reflect immediately, as stats are only updated once daily (as noted at the top of the page).

Biggest Win :

Date, member’s horse and earnings of biggest Win.

Interviews :

Typical interviews of members who have achieved 500 runs and won

Championships Finals.

Also relative Tabs and links such as ‘LeaderBoard’, ‘Active Horses’, ‘In The News’, ‘Following’ and ‘Followed’ allow the viewing of these pages by simply clicking on the link.


They are awarded for Qualifier/Championship wins in the following Race distances: Sprint, Classic and Stayers for Colts and Fillies races. Reserved only for Championship shelves, the First Trophy to the left indicates the amount of wins for Championship Qualifier Races.

Trophy Top Shelf

All others thereafter will display relevant amount of wins for Championship Colts / Fillies Races in the respective distance. Members have the option of viewing the full race details by simply clicking on the displayed amount of wins below the trophies.

Trophies are also displayed on Race Results and Leaderboards > Championshipships. A member’s highest trophy will display on the Horse Details page.

Divisional Shields

DivisionTrophy DivisionTrophy DivisionTrophy

These shields representing wins within the applicable divisional races eg D, C, B and A are awarded to members for their achievements in Grade 1, Grade 1 Low and Grade 2 and platform.

By simply clicking under the amount link displayed under each shield a member can view the wins with full race details. A race category chart below sets out the win ranges for each race category in each Grade:



LevelWeight LevelWeight LevelWeight

Awarded for members achievements in WFA, Level Weight and Maiden races. Full race details can be viewed by simply clicking on the amount of wins next to each medal.