Training your Horse

The Purpose of Training

Training increases fitness and helps you identify racing preferences.
The more you train your horse, the more training data you will have to assess its ability and racing preferences.

Your monthly stabling fee includes six free daily training runs.

Training Results

Training results are measured in horse lengths by which your horse beats or loses against the training horse. The training horse is a consistent benchmark against which all horses can be measured and thus allows you to compare horses.

Training Results are confidential.

How to Train

Click the TRAIN button either on your stable section or on the horse section. You can train over various conditions using the drop down options aligned with the horse.

You can chose the track, distance and going over which you would like to train your horse. Be sure to select a training horse of the same age and sex of your horse to achieve an appropriate performance benchmark.

For more info on training and using this to improve the performance of your horse see, the Quick Start Guide and Improving Horses Performance under the Help menu.

Fortunately, inactivity does not affect fitness and training just before a race does not adversely affect performance.
Be careful when training before an important race though as you can easily over train such that the fitness of your horse flips past 100% back to 50%.

Training sessions can be run one horse at a time, or for up to 20 horses simultaneously if you have more than one horse in your stable.

How to use the Auto Trainer

This tool helps you keep your horses racing fit by training them according to your settings.

You can set default training conditions for your stable. The default options at the top of this section include track, distance and going. A specific selection can be made for each of these or you can choose all in which case the conditions will rotate for each successive training gallop. You also need to set the default fitness level below which a horse will be automatically trained.

You can set these same settings for each individual horse in your stable or simply select your default settings to apply to each horse. This is easily done for a large stable by using the “Apply to All” tool above your stable listing.

Be sure to enable auto train for your horse by selecting the tick box at the end of the row, then click the update button at the bottom of the section.

The ‘All’ Option Sequence for Training

The sequence for distance is 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2200, 2400, 2850, 3200.

The sequence for track and going is:

  • Australia (turf) Firm
  • Canada (dirt) Fast
  • Hong Kong (turf) Soft
  • Australia (turf) Good
  • Dubai (dirt) Muddy
  • England (turf) Yielding
  • Hong Kong (turf) Firm
  • America (dirt) Fast
  • England (turf) Soft
  • Hong Kong (turf) Good
  • Canada (dirt) Muddy
  • Australia (turf) Yielding
  • England (turf) Firm
  • Dubai (dirt) Fast
  • Australia (turf) Soft
  • England (turf) Good
  • America (dirt) Muddy
  • Hong Kong (turf) Yielding