Sales Help Guide

All horses originate from the Sales Ring. The sales ring is comprised of 100,000 unique horses in terms of characteristics, preferences and ability.

The sales ring is also non-sequential, meaning that there is no order in what may be acquired from the sales ring of the 100,000 pool of horses, in this sense making it random.

Therefore you may purchase 100 horses and not get a ‘challenge contender’ or purchase one horse and it puts your stable into the Challenge series. The sales ring is further indifferent to who is purchasing from it and cannot be influenced by a stable, their previous purchases or by the site.

All horses age on the 1st of April, August & December, ie. at the start of every season. Each racing season lasts 4 calendar months. Your horse's innate characteristics change as they mature between the ages of 2-3 & 3-4 but thereafter remain consistent until they turn 8. Gelded Colts are retired permanently when they turn 8yrs. To avoid cluttering your stable, the details of your Retired / Limbo horses are not displayed through your stable or search functions.

Buying a Horse


To buy a horse:

  • Choose a colour by clicking on one of the horses representing various colour options (Choice of colour does not affect a horses performance, it’s purely personal choice)
  • Specify the Age
  • Choose either Colt (Male) or Filly (Female)
  • Choose the number of horses you wish to buy, and which grade. Either a ‘G1’, ‘G1 or G2’ or ‘G1 or G2 - Bonus credit’ horse (choosing from either pool allows you to specify which grade of horse you would like to buy, and choice of paying with cash or bonus credits)
  • Name your horse (or let the system pick one for you by clicking the ‘Available name suggestions’ button.

Some Handy Extras:

Supplementary fees: are once-off registration fees for your horse to compete in the lucrative Championship Series for the duration of its racing career. Your options include either an early US$5.00 through the Sales Ring or a late supplementary fee US$100.00 when nominating for the qualifiers. The star alongside a horses name indicates that the supplementary fee has been paid, adding value to the horse when selling it in Auctions or Claims.

Automatic stabling fee deduction ensures your horse's upkeep and maintenance. Daily training sessions are included in its stabling. Stabling fees start at US$2.00 and can be discounted down to US$0.00, at a reduction of US$0.50 for every race it partakes in within its stabling period. Stabling fees are automatically deducted when due. If there are insufficient funds available the horses status becomes 'pending' and will be rejected from all upcoming races. The 'Automatic Stabling Fee Deduction' setting can be changed on the horse details page. Total stabling fees for your stable are capped at US$50.00 per calendar month.

Email Reminder will send you an email 2 days before the stabling fee is due.

Auto-Train. Select this option to have your horse automatically trained according to default auto train settings.

  • Lastly, click the ‘Buy’ button

Your chosen horse/s will be purchased and added to your stable. Remember to go to your stable page to view your new horses.


Refer to the legacy site or Market for New Horses for more information.