Jockeys Explained

The Jockey riding your horse in every race is selected by the system rather than being determined by the owner of the horse.

As in live racing there is an unpredictable element in every race where a horse (& even the jockey) doesn’t run perfectly to form. This is represented by the Random Factor.

In Virtual Racing the Jockey simply represents the order/rank of the Random Factor in relation to the other horses in the race and is not an indication of the ‘weight’ of each Random Factor received. The best Jockey in the race represents the best Random Factor received whilst the worst Jockey indicates the worst Random received by a horse in the race, ie. each jockey does not represent a specific random factor. So an average jockey can represent a very good random in one race a very poor one in the next race.

The Random Factor number that is generated for each horse in a race is determined irrespective of who the horse is, its recent race results or who owns it, ie. completely random. This means, for example, that the closeness or gap between the best and second best Random Factors in races will differ in every race.

Jockeys are determined in the following way:

  • The race generator determines an outcome of the race based on each horses innate abilities, preferences for the race spec, the horses preparation for the race and a random factor. The race generator allocates a random factor to each horse in the race, without considering a horses ability, prep and preferences or race history – it is random and without any bias.
  • The race generator randomly selects Jockeys per the number of horses in the race.
  • The race generator allocates the best Jockey in the selected list to the best already determined RF, the next best Jockey to the next best RF and so forth, the poorest selected Jockey receiving the poorest RF.

Where horses are closely matched in terms of their abilities, such as Championship race series, it was found necessary to reduce the Random Factor element in relation to all other elements/factors such as horse fitness, weight, draw, ability over distance, ability over going, etc. This lower Random Factor is represented by the game only utilizing the top 17 of the 34 Jockeys in the Championship Finals and Qualifiers.