My Account

This is where financial transacting takes place and records of all transactions are kept.

Purchase / Win Credits

All transactions are conducted with credits.
Bonus Credits: are non-cash credits which can be used for transactions where the credits would not be changing hands with a fellow member, such as equipment purchases, sales ring (horse) purchases, stabling fees, supplementary fees, silks, etc. You are therefore not able to use them for race entries, claims or auctions.
Cash Credits: can be used for all transactions or cashed-in from your account.
The system will automatically settle your financial transactions with the available ‘bonus credits’ from your account in preference to ‘cash credits’ where the transaction type does not lead to a transfer of credits between stables. The Sales Ring is an exception to this as it gives you the option to purchase using either Cash or Bonus credits.

You can win credits each time your horse earns stakes money by finishing in the first four positions in a stakes race your balance will immediately increase to reflect the added winnings. You may also sell your horse in a claiming race for which the proceeds will be immediately added to your balance.

To purchase, select from any of the following secure payment forms:

  • Credit / Debit Card - secure gateway that accepts VISA and Mastercards
  • Moneybookers - an online wallet to transfer funds.
  • Neteller – an online wallet to transfer funds.

Direct Wire Transfer - an instruction given to your bank to transfer funds. Slowest method.

Purchasing credits is safe, easy and secure. For complete assurance, please see the, SSL Security Certificate & Privacy Policy.

The payment gateway for credit/debit cards requires system integration between a number of service providers that are part of the international banking network. A link may sometimes be temporarily unavailable which may result in an unsuccessful purchase. We suggest you try again later.
NB Ensure that your name, CVC number, and expiry date are entered as they appear on your card. You must also ensure that your registered address details correspond with the address registered with your card issuing bank.
If your financial institution prohibits online transactions you will find the online wallets provided by NETELLER or Moneybookers are safe and easy alternatives.

Wallet Transfer

The ‘Wallet’ is used for all auction related transactions. To transfer credits to your wallet you will need to have the credits available in your account.

There is no transfer fee.

Cash In

Your CASH will first be refunded against purchases you made using your credit card, NETELLER account or Moneybookers account. Where the cashin amount exceeds the original purchase amount we are able to send money to credit cards in some countries and will do so where possible. To the extent that a cash-in to your card is not possible, your cash-in or part thereof, will be sent to you by wire transfer.

There is a minimum cashin of £7.50. Your first refund in a month is free. Any additional refund will cost 5.8% of the refund amount with a minimum fee of £1.10. Please read (credit card - more info) with regards to our refund and cancellation policy which you would have read when purchasing your credits. Should you require any assistance with your cashin please contact the Support Desk.

Account Summary

Use the drop-down filters to view transactions for each month or year specifically.

Purchase History

View all transaction history for each card used to purchase on your account. You can also view the transaction history for cards that were used previously, but have since been removed. Simply enter the last four digits of your card, select the month and year of choice and click the ‘Filter’ Tab.

Cash in History

This allows you to view all cash in/withdrawal history on your account for any particular month and year.

Credit History

View all Debit & Credit transactions for a particular day or period. Both Debit and Credit as well as bonus and cash transactions can be viewed simultaneously for the month of choice or even transaction of choice.

Wallet History

View all Auction Wallet History transactions for a particular month and year. All Debit and Credit ‘Wallet’ transactions can be viewed separately or combined as required.

My Details

Under this option all members have the access to enter and update their Account and Personal details. All details are encrypted and securely recorded. A Stable name is permanent. Members are not able to change their ‘Alias /Stable name’ once it has been chosen. Should you wish to change your email address, this can be done under > ‘Email Preferences’.

Email Preferences

This is only for email correspondence regarding promotions, newsletters and daily email notifications. This option allows for the updating of email addresses and selecting of preferred options in order to receive the communication of choice as required.

A member can choose to receive all the notifications listed below, or only a selected choice:

  • Auto-Train: Horses which are fit and ready to race, or which could not be trained according to your Auto-Train settings.
  • Horses Racing Today: The race names and times at which your horses will be racing today.
  • Horses Raced Yesterday: The race names and times at which your horses raced yesterday.
  • Claimers: Horses bought and sold in Claimers yesterday.
  • Auctions: Horses bought and sold in Auctions yesterday.
  • Alumites About To Expire: Horses which have a single set of shoes that will expire in 48 hours time.
  • Expired Alumites: Horses which no longer have shoes available.
  • No Replacement Alumites Remaining: If you have reached your last set of shoes when you have selected to multi-apply shoes.
  • Stabling Fees Due: Horses which will go pending in 48 hours if stabling fees are unpaid.
  • Pending Status Horses: Horses which went into pending payment status yesterday due to unpaid stabling fees.
  • Stabling Fees Paid: Horses for which stabling fees were paid, or renewed at no cost, yesterday.
  • Horse Tracker: Horses you track that are entered into auctions or claiming races.
  • Unread Messages: Unread Messages in your Inbox.


  • Awards essentially offer your stable bonus credits based on your participation and accomplishments.
  • The 500 Runs Bonus Award is triggered when your stable runs its 500th race, paying out your accumulated Bonus Credits based on what types of races you have participated in since your last payout, or since joining the game.
  • The 50 Wins Bonus Award pays you $2 bonus credits per race Win (Grade 1 and Grade 2 races only) and is triggered when you reach 50 Wins within a season. The 50 Wins Bonus Award resets at the start of each season.
  • The Awards page updates once daily, as noted at the top of the page, therefore your current days stats may not reflect as yet.