The different leaderboards

The Hall Of Fame features the top owners and top horses of all time by either Earnings or Wins.

The Top Owners and Top Horses sections provide top 100 game stats according to your selected period and/or race type.

Your stable Awards are located under the ‘My Account’ section. These awards essentially offer your stable bonus credits based on your participation and accomplishments.
The 500 Runs Bonus Award is triggered when your stable runs its 500th race, paying out your accumulated Bonus Credits based on what types of races you have participated in since your last payout, or since joining the game.
The 50 Wins Bonus Award pays you $2 bonus credits per race Win (Grade 1 and Grade 2 races only) and is triggered when you reach 50 Wins within a season. The 50 Wins Bonus Award resets at the start of each season. The Awards page updates once daily, as noted at the top of the page, therefore your current days stats may not reflect as yet.