Equipping your Horse

Buy Equipment

Your stable can stock up on Equipment at any time, purchasable with cash or bonus credits. An items expiry period only starts from when it is first applied to a selected horse. Spare items can therefore be kept in your stable indefinitely until you are ready to use them.

Certain equipment lasts a lifetime while others require replacing after their expiry date:

  • Shoes (Alumites) expire after 30 days.
  • Gelding is permanent.
  • Blinkers can be removed and re-applied.
  • Vitamins can be applied every 15 days.

Equipment ranges in price from £0.75 to £1.50.

Alumite application settings: The system functions in two 'modes' when applying alumites. When you set the apply setting to 'single', the system will not apply further alumites after the applied set has expired.

When setting the application to 'multi', the system will continue to apply alumites at the next expiry date of the alumites, until the setting is changed to 'single' again.

Even though a member manually removes a set of alumites, the system will continue to replace a new set to the horse when those set of removed alumites expire, if the apply setting has been set to 'multi'.

Only when the setting is changed to 'single', will they no longer be replaced, regardless of expiry date.

Note: If you have selected to automatically reapply shoes (alumites) (the ‘multi’ option when applying) to a horse when they wear out, the system is reliant on your stable having pre-purchased stock of them.

Apply Equipment

All items will improve a horses performance to varying degrees or have no effect at all, albeit blinkers which can also have a detrimental effect on a horse.

Vitamins affect a horses fitness by 5% to 10% and could flip your horse over 100% reverting it back to 50%. Please consult the Equipment Shop for detailed information.

Stabling Fees

The monthly stabling fee ensures your horse's upkeep and maintenance. Daily training sessions are included in its stabling. Stabling fees start at $2.00 and can be discounted down to $0.00, at a reduction of $0.50 for every race it partakes in within its stabling period.

A horse’s stabling fee runs on a 30 day period from date of purchase and not on a monthly period.

A monthly ‘Stabling Fee Cap of $50’ applies to the entire stable. Therefore, once $50 (in cash or bonus credits) has been spent in stabling fees in one month, any horses that had a stabling due, no longer require their stabling fee payment.

The following two stabling fee settings are available on the Horse Details Page of any particular horse;

  1. Automatic Stabling Fee Deduction: Once set the system will automatically pay the fee on the  due date. If a horse has 'ASF'(Automatic Stabling Fee) enabled, and runs the required number of races to qualify for a full stable fee reduction, or the stable has reached the monthly stabling fee cap, these horses will remain active on their stabling fee due date.

    If a horse does not have auto stabling fee active, given the above criteria, the horse will go pending on its stabling fee due date.

  2. Warn me by email 2 days before   : Once set the system will warn you 2 days prior to the due date via email.


An orange triangle with an exclamation will appear next to a horse if stabling fees are due in 24 hours. This will later turn Red if the stabling fees have not been paid and the horse is in a pending status. The triangle stays as pending and you can't race your horse till the required fee is paid. The Activate Tab will allow a member to activate a horse manually that has gone pending, if stabling fees have not been paid accordingly. This option will only be available once a horse has gone pending.

Please note:

Once a horse is nominated into a future race (even after the stabling fee is due), the horse will remain active until the race has run.

Also if you reactivate a horse right before the stabling fee is due i.e. horse stabling fee due on 6th, horse has been idle and is reactivated on 4th, so in 2 days, another stabling fee is due. To avoid this, trainers should reactivate the horse 1 day past the due date for example.