1.Game Activity

This page is the central hub of Game Activity. It’s the first item under the ‘Community’ Tab and an excellent tool for keeping track of stable activity and current events. From keeping a summary of your own stable management actions to checking which stables have started following you, or to find out which of your stable items/horses may need attention.

This is divided into three sections, namely Game Activity, Notifications and Recommendations.

Game Activity 1

Game Activity Section displays all activity from Account, Achievements, Followed Horses, Followed Members, Forums, Inbox, Members following You, Members following Your Horse, News, Racing and Training.

An option has been made available for any member to view selected activity and all activity under the Game Activity section. This can be done by click the icon to the right and selecting the activity of choice from the dropdown menu.

By clicking on the Load Older Activity Tab, this will enable the viewing of older activity.

Game Activity 2

Notifications Section, indicates the following:

  • Shared Races.
  • Upcoming Races for today.
  • Inbox messages.
  • Shoes Expiring in the next 24 hours.
  • Horses' stabling fees due in the next 24 hours.
  • Stabling Fees paid yesterday.
  • Horses have a pending status. Please pay the stabling fees to activate your horses.

Recommendations Section, notifies you of which items in your stable may need attention. Amounts are also displayed to serve as an indicator to the member.  

  • Horses not raced in 14 days.
  • Horses with no Horse Preferences set.
  • Horses entered into races are unfit go train them.

Links are provided thus allowing simple access to the appropriate page to make an adjustment if necessary.
Game Activity 3


This page displays the entire racing activity from the date of membership till present. This will include all racing statistics, interviews and achievements. These stats on the profile page update once daily, therefore your current days stats will only reflect after an update.

Members may also upload a new, or change their individual profile picture. All pictures are subject to approval which can take up to 72 hours.

In order to upload or change your current profile picture, click on the photo which will open a pop up window with further instructions.



The forum is a popular communication platform which can be accessed from the ‘Community Tab’ on the site. This platform allows members to voice their suggestions and opinions in a respectful manner simply by clicking on the forum of choice and replying to an existing thread or creating a new thread. The forum is divided into 10 categories, allowing members to start a discussion relative to the specific forum.

To have continued access to this platform, as a member you are required to race any horse in your stable at least once within a 30 day period in a stakes (paid for) race. Should this requirement not be met, a member will only have viewing access and will be restricted from posting.


The forums and chat (Track) are monitored and it is strongly recommended that all members making use of these platforms do so within the guidelines that are provided on the site. These guidelines are referred to as the ‘Forum Code Of Conduct’, and outline the rules and regulations related to posting on the forums.

The forum will display the date and time of each member’s last visit. Just below is a Search link which enables members to search for a post, relevant thread or answer to a possible question. Searching is limited to posts and threads that are not older than 1 year.

A Forum Search function is also available to all members of the community if required to search for a previous thread or post. The Forum Search allows you to search with (Keywords, Author, title and post text or post text only). You can search through any of the relevant forums listed as an option.

You can refine your search to a specific posts or thread as old as required. The following options are listed as a dropdown on the search function eg. (1 day, 7 days, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year).



The Inbox Facility is a handy communication platform for members of the community to interact with each other in a more private manner. Basically allowing members to have more of a one on one discussion.

To have continued access to this facility, as a member you are required to race any horse in your stable at least once within a 30 day period in a stakes race. Should this requirement not be met, access will be restricted by the system until such time that the requirement is met.

Please note that the support desk currently does not respond to inbox messages or queries sent via the inbox. Should assistance be required from a support agent, it is recommended that a query is submitted via email.

To compose a new email, simply click on the Inbox link on the dropdown menu under the Community Tab. Click the ‘New’ Tab and enter the first three letters of the stable/member you would like to send a message to and all members with the same three letter will display in a dropdown menu for you select the appropriate one.


You can delete a message by simply placing a tick next to the message and then clicking the ‘Delete’ Tab.  A bulk deleting option has also been made available for members to delete message.

Please note that due to storage constraints, inbox messages (received & sent) are stored for 45 days. After this period, messages are automatically deleted (whether read/ responded to or not).

Previews And Reviews

This option is available to all members to post their comments regarding any upcoming or run race.

When posting a preview or a review for a race, a new thread will be created in the 'Talking Horse Racing & Race Previews/Reviews' forum, which will be open for comment by all members.

Once the first preview/review for a race is posted, a new thread will be created. Subsequent comments will need to be made on the available forum post, which will be linkable via the following text notification; 'You may add or view more race commentary about this race on this forum post'.

This link will be at the bottom of the 'race details' and 'race results' pages, under 'previews' and 'reviews' accordingly.

Please note further, the 'race name' in the forum posts subject line, will be linkable back to the race details page, should a trainer wish to view details of the race being discussed.

All reviews are monitored and any inappropriate language or disrespectful communication will be edited accordingly.

A maximum amount of 1000 characters is required when adding a review and once a preview is submitted it cannot be modified.

Refer A Friend

The REFER A FRIEND PROGRAM is a great opportunity for members of the community to earn up to $100 in bonus credits. Simply enter 5 friends names and active email address on the refer a friend option under the ‘Community’ Tab, also you can personalise a message to include in the email to your referred friends.

The bonus credits are only allocated to your account by the system once your friend deposits and spends. That is 100% of what they deposit and spend, up to US$100.00. This excludes money spent by your friend on race nominations and claims.

There are no limits on entries per person, per household, or e-mail addresses per day but abuse of the refer a friend program will disqualify you from the program. Abuse such as Spamming, playing with multiple e-mail addresses and/or under multiple identities, or using any other method to play multiple times will not be tolerated.

Refer A Friend


Here you can view a record of friends that you have referred. You can select this option from the dropdown menu under the ‘Community’ Tab. Please note that this is a report listing of all the friends you have referred so far, whether they have joined, and how much you have been paid out for them.

You can also limit the search results by specifying an email address of a particular member.

referafriend 2

Rules and Code of Conduct

The Rules & Code of Conduct are to be observed when posting on the site, including the forums, auction notes, race previews & reviews, track chat, Inbox, naming of stables or horses, etc. These rules have been introduced with the interest of the game and all players in mind. While we welcome friendly rivalry amongst members, as this is after all a competitive sport, we will not tolerate general abuse of the forum facility as this is potentially damaging to the game and therefore not in the interest of members.

Please refer to the ‘Rules and Code of Conduct’ section of the forums as a guideline to what is construed as an offence and related action that will be considered. Failure to respect these rules could result in a suspension from making use of such community facilities and in severe cases banned from partaking in the game. We ask that all members observe these rules and assist in maintaining a clean and positive atmosphere on the site.


The following characters produce the related emoticons under the Forums and Track-Chat (just leave out the space between the characters):
: )
: d
: o
: p
; )
: (
: s
: |