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A B I L I T Y 

Your horse is created with a unique racing pedigree which determines its abilities and preferences. This ability may improve with age.

There are numerous variables that affect your horse's racing performance; however, through training your horse you will identify where your horse’s abilities lie. For example, does your horse prefer dirt / turf? Is it a sprinter, classic or stayer? Do blinkers or alumites enhance its racing performance etc?

A D D E D   M O N E Y 

Additional sponsorship by to increase the stakes for a race.

A D M I N I S T R A T I V E   C H A R G E has no vested interest in the outcome of any of its races.'s has no vested interest in the outcome of races much like a real-world racecourse operator.'s members compete against each other, and merely acts as a facilitator, or service provider, for that competition. There is an administrative charge, or service fee, for every stakes race which further guarantees that you are competing against other members, and not against This fee will never exceed 15% of the total nomination fees received for that stakes race, and this is one more guarantee to you that all races are fair.

A G E 

All horses celebrate their birthdays on the 1st of April, August & December.

Each racing season lasts 4 calendar months; therefore your horse ages 3 years in a calendar year. All horses are automatically retired from racing when they turn 8.


A L L O W A N C E S 

The converse of penalties allows weaker horses to carry less weight than stronger rivals. Allowances and penalties can be combined in a race.

Eg: A horse with more wins in a final field would be penalized with the heaviest weight. However, allowances can be made for poor form so the final weight reflects a horse’s overall form.

A L U M I T E S 

Aluminium shoes available from the tack shop are lighter than the generic, steel-based shoes included with your stabling fee. Alumites will improve racing performance.



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