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S A L E S   R I N G   P A G E 

All new horses can be purchased from the sales ring.

Their abilities are randomly generated but owners may choose the sex, color and name of their horse.

S C H E D U L E D   R A C E S 

Stakes races are scheduled two weeks in advance whereas sponsored races are scheduled for the full season.

S E X  (of horses)

Owners can buy either colts (males) or fillies (females) from the Sales Ring.



S E X   A L L O W A N C E 

Fillies receive a standardized sex allowance when competing against colts in non-handicapped races.

Age and sex are not considered in handicap races.

S I L K S 

Your personal colors and crest worn by the jockey representing your stable in any race. 
The cap color designates starting-stall position; eg yellow represents first draw, red represents second draw, etc.

S O F T  (track)

A turf course with significant moisture.

S P R I N T E R 

A horse best suited to race over short distances.

S T A K E S   R A C E S 

All races are defined as stakes races (excl: Challenge races).
Stakes races require nominations; cheaper fees for Grade2 but higher fees for Qualifiers.

Challenge races are by invitation only.


S T A R T I N G   S T A L L S 

Partitioned stalls to confine horses prior to a race. The front gates openen simultaneously when the race begins.

S T A Y E R 

A horse best suited to long distance races.

S U P P L E M E N T A R Y   F E E S 

The once-off payment of the supplementary fee is the first step towards participating in a challenge race. Owners have the option of paying a cheaper upfront supplementary fee in the sales ring or a late supplementary fee prior to any qualifying stakes race.




60th Season

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