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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Wed, Jul 28, 2010 - 19:10 Consolation Sprinters Challenge 2Y C W1+; Win+2lbs 14 £0.00 £610.00
Raceclubs Bonus £610.00

DrStableHorse Name
Gr Age
1Holmang HorsesKai Loves NatusikG1 36M 143120
2shotgun_mikeCharlie WafflesG1 36M 143122
3Green Bay StableTrue AirspeedG1 36M 143122
4Shadow LodgeShadow BulletG1 36M 143140
5shotgun_mikeRemnants Of FleshG1 36M 143120
6Unconte StableGolan HeightsG1 36M 143122
7Squeaky Clean StableDarley ArabianG1 36M 143128
8Liveoak StablesHit The PukG1 36M 143124
9shotgun_mikeKing Of The StarsG1 36M 143122
10KopitesI Shall SurviveG1 36M 143124
11Daltons DonkeysSerene FeelingG1 36M 143122
12heinzRun N SkipG1 36M 143120
13shotgun_mikeSanitariumG1 36M 143120
14realmccoyRock ThunderG1 36M 143128

Submitted By: Shadow Lodge
LOL why do they always start the ''Fat Boy'' from the carpark??
Good luck all
Submitted By: Gold Runners
Shotgun Mike still continues to push out winners at this time of the season all are well but ones to focus on are Remnants Of Flesh and King Of The Stars. No doubt Hit The Puk is a top 5f sprinter all about stamina know. The power house colt DARLEY ARABIAN is a different animal the extra 2lbs wont hamper his chance strong finisher done outstanding over 1m1f will be hard to stop. Shankley Shankley is not reliable since up in weight could handle it this time third time lucky there is always hope. Serene Scene had to battle having first draw closing the gap on Darley Arabian second. The same good run is expected to happen, True Airspace is the one with improvement that can burst out in this tough looking race.

13/8 Darley Arabian, 4/1 Serene Feeling, 9/2 King Of The Stars, 7/1 Shankley Shankley, 9/1 Hit The Puk, 10/1 Remnants Of Flesh, 10/1 True Airspeed, 20/1 Charlie Waffles, 25/1 Kai Loves Natusik, 25/1 Sanitarium, 36/1 Golan Heights, 50/1 Run N Skip, 66/1 Shadow Bullet, 100/1 Volcanic Speed

To Win: Darley Arabian
Danger: Serene Scene
Submitted By: Daltons Donkeys
I wouldnt take 40/1 on yeilding
Submitted By: Kopites
yielding gives me a chance at least. best wishes all

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