Previews And Reviews

6:30 - $15.00 Claiming N4L 2Y CF - 1
Higgys House - Cree Lodge sent me forged TT’s that showed it doing in the 17’s over 2400! My error was taking that at face value and agreeing a price that I thought was fair. I put out a message to a lot of accounts warning them of the scam and also reported him to race clubs. Apologies for missing you off mail.

The wolfs lair - Luckily most people are 100% honest but if you haven't dealt with somebody before and they aren't an established stable just be more guarded

Bellstane - The same way it happened to me!
Scammers and Scumbags sharing fake false tts.

Upright stables - Higgys house - how the hell did you pay £400 for an unraced horse that you could see the tts at auction, and it's ended up in an £11.40 claimer?

Smith Racing - Agreed Chris - and hopefully will give new players more support as a lot seem to join and leave within a month or two...

Bellstane - Pretty sure his stable before Cree was Millionaire Row as he did exact same to me. What is there to lose with a Forum? It drums up more business/excitement for auction and gets more people interested.

Pg Drive - Cree lodge are you Craig (Craggles) in disguise......the older players will remember him.
I believe he was investigated and thrown out by raceclubs for the same thing or though I could be wrong but either way he disappeared up his own arsehole..
This is one reason why the FORUMS MUST RETURN..!

16:42 - C Division 3Y C - 1
Ascot Vale Lodge - Thanks Richard :)

Trench Farm - Nice win Robert

16:42 - Free Colts and Fillies - Grade 2 - 1
Bluebell Wood - My very first horse is still winning...

16:46 - D Division 3Y F - 1
Betromania - no laughing matter lol

Ascot Vale Lodge - Comfortable win Fred. Had a chuckle about it's name.

17:06 - Level Weight 3Y F - 1
The wolfs lair - Thanks PG. Lol, yeah Chris! Had bottom JR in 5 of her prev 6 races when well fancied then finally pulls a good one when a rag.

Bellstane - Hold on! What's that!????? A TOP RANDOM? lol surely not!
Nice win that.

Pg Drive - Nice win against some good st leger horses..

18:50 - $15.00 Claiming N4L 2Y CF - 1
katies - So you're hoping she don't get claimed then ?

ChloeCharlie - Mine added in a hurry - anyone brace enough to pop a claim on would not be disappointed

19:30 - Queen Elizabeth 4-7Y F Qualifier - 1
Betromania - i had a score on Rainbow and 1st bad race you have had all season lol.

19:30 - Queen Elizabeth 4-7Y F Qualifier - 2
Betromania - complete joke my randoms in quallis this season , Im playing my little pony next season .

21:05 - B Division 4-7Y C - Gr 1 - 1
Saigon Hills - Ha Ha ,I bought the horse and i have not change its name but i know the hotel.
Congrats for the win Robert

Ascot Vale Lodge - Great Hotel John. Stayed there in 2018.