Previews And Reviews

16:46 - C Division 3Y F - 1
19:00 - 2YC Sprint Championship - 1
katies - Would like to wish all runners in the championship races the best of luck. What do i get for tipping the 18 winners lol.

derekw10 - End of season tipping comp now closed tips have been sent to RC who should post on the news forum today or tomorrow in case they are late here are my selection, good luck all

Sprinters C - Steinlen
Sprinters F - Momentum Galaxy
Nunthorpe 3Y C - Unionize
Nunthorpe 3Y F - Hollie Tove
Newbury Colts 4-7Y C - Go Daddy
Newbury Fillies 4-7Y F - Ruby Bear
King George 4-7Y C - Star Trace
Queen Elizabeth 4-7Y F - Diosa De Guerra
Classic C - Concrete Mover
Classic F - Grande Dominanza
Derby 3Y C - Candy Hearthammer
Oaks 3Y F - Jumping Pearl
St Leger 3Y C - Potential Power
St Leger 3Y F - Natasana
Stayers C - Angel Of My Eyes
Cesarewitch C - Explode
Stayers F - Put The Kettle On
Cesarewitch 4-7Y F - Firmly Surprised

Long Shots - Quick, bring the sun out

Betromania - That's done me lol

The wolfs lair - Nope, just means huge inside draw bias. I picked that horse in the Tipping Comp. Knew it wasn't the best but draw so crucial. Thought mine was drawn out of it tbh.

The Pirate Stud - I sold aquatorial and it was a conso 1200 runner,which means almost every horse in the line up hated mud.

The wolfs lair - Cheers Fred.

Ascot Vale Lodge - Congrats Derek nice win.
Huge run by Aquatorial.

Betromania - Unlucky wolfman
Told you that he would run well.

The wolfs lair - Congrats Derek.

Long Shots - Congratulations Derek and placers

19:00 - 2YC Stayers Championship - 1
Betromania - Cmon Tycoon

Betromania - Unlucky Chris.

Certain players are impossibly to beat for some reason or another.

19:30 - 2YF Sprint Championship - 1
Bellstane - Cheers pal maybe next time, Congrats Adam

The wolfs lair - Well done Adam. Good run also from a bad draw Chris.

19:31 - 3YF St Leger Championship - 1
Betromania - Cant see the 2nd president losing this one...

Betromania - 2 seconds well done Chris beat by a class horse this time round.
I take 3rd why not.

19:40 - Consolation 2YF Classic - 1
Long Shots - Thanks mate

The wolfs lair - Well done Long shots.

19:47 - $15.00 Claiming 4-7Y C - 1
Daztron - LOL indeed

The wolfs lair - How can there be a 2 horse claiming race lol?!

20:00 - 3YC Nunthorpe Sprint Championship - 1
Betromania - That's me Fu...

Betromania - Not so sure about that Sean .
I think my chance just ran in this race would have won with that random had it been mud .
You couldn't right that result could you another monster bites the dust lol.

The wolfs lair - Fred, your big one is tomorrow ;)

The wolfs lair - Cracking run Colin.

20:00 - 3YC Derby Championship - 1
Betromania - Nothing Dodgy about pfizer in this race .

home and hosed.

Betromania - Cmon guys don't forget to delete my post and get the ban in place .

Betromania - Thank God I'm getting out of this game
The finals are just a carbon copy of what has gone on all season .
Besides the winning horse some stables could run claimers in the finals and still win .

20:00 - 3YC St Leger Championship - 1
Long Shots - Ha ha Fred, you are right, he should be lol

Betromania - This is not right where is my clone ? Is he injured? I'm sure he should be in this final ....

Good luck Kids.

Daztron - some horsheen that, well done

20:10 - Consolation 3YC St Leger - 1
21:00 - Newbury Sprint 4-7Y Championship C - 1
Betromania - Lovely lol
Well done winner.

21:00 - King George Championship 4-7Y C - 1
The wolfs lair - Dang. Had a good chance with fast. Zero with muddy. GL all.

Betromania - Cheers Chris your night tonight.

cheers Wolfman.

The Pirate Stud - Nicely done :)

The wolfs lair - Wowzers! Congrats Big Roar.

Betromania - Bloody hell at last ...

21:00 - Cesarewitch Championship 4-7Y C - 1
Betromania - Nope you can take that to the Bank wolfman it wouldn't have won mate..

The wolfs lair - lol, wouldn't have happened if I had kept hold of him for sure as always shocking randoms! Another I sold that does v well.......

21:27 - Eclipse Stakes WFA 2-7Y CF Gr 1 - 1
The wolfs lair - In fact in the 10 races it had plum bottom 7 times and nr bottom in the qualifier lol. But of course it's random..........

21:31 - Newbury Sprint 4-7Y Championship F - 1
Betromania - That's torn it lol
Cmon Ruby

21:40 - Consolation Queen Elizabeth 4-7Y F - 2
The wolfs lair - My yearlings are dreadful and no BC's left; so come on my two ladies!!