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Horses in Groups

Groups allows you to manage your stable easier by being able to put your horses into groups (categories).

You can put your own horses into various groups of your choice, to easily help organise your stable. For example: you may wish to group your horses by the various grades available eg 'Grade 1' and 'Grade 2''.

Or you may wish to group your horses by 'Age', 'Sex' or 'Colour' if required, for example: ‘Brown’, 'Black', 'White' or 'Chestnut'.

Horses in Groups

You can filter for your horses to find them easier (particularly if you are running a big stable) by using the various filters on the page.

For example:

  • If you wish to find all the 'brown' labled horses in your stable (provided you have assigned all the brown horses into the 'Brown' stable group), simply select the brown group under the 'Horse Group' dropdown filter. Click > 'Filter'. All your horses assigned to the 'Brown' group will now be displayed.

  • If you would simply like to find your horses assigned to groups with a specific Age or Grade for example, simply select the age under the 'Age', or 'Grade' in the 'Grade' filter respectively. Click > 'Filter'. All your horses of the matching age or Grade will now display.

  • You can also search for a horse by use of the various options under the 'Status' filter. Eg. Active, Retired , In Auction, In Claimer.

  • Under the 'Show' filter you will be able to find your horse or other member's horses you have assigned to various groups. By simply selecting 'All' from the dropdown menu under the 'Status' filter and all your assigned and other member's horses assigned to groups will display.

  • If you would only like to find all your assigned horses in the various groups simply select the 'My Horses' from the dropdown menu and click > filter. All your assigned horses in the various groups will display.

  • If you would like to find other member's horses which you have assigned to groups, simply select 'Other Horses' from the dropdown menu under the 'Show' filter and click > filter. All other horses assigned to groups by you will display.

Horse Groups

Horse groups is where you to create and maintain your groups.
You are able to create, update, delete, assign and assign your horse to a primary group. You can also assign a 'Display Style' (Colours) to each group to assist you in easily recognising each group individually. There are ten 'Display Styles' (Colours) available to choose from.

By naming your group and selecting a 'Display style' and clicking the 'Add' Tab, you have now created a group in which you can assign, add and remove horses etc.

Horses in Groups

Maintain your groups by using the update, delete and assign tabs available. There is a limit to the amount of member groups you can create, which is 100. You can only create 500 horse groups. There is no limit to the amount of horses that can be assigned to a group.

You may assign as many horses as you like to any group and more than two groups can share the same colour and horses, but not the same group name.

If you would like to assign horses to your groups, simply click on the 'Assign' tab on the right handside of the group of choice and enter the horse name on the new screen. You are able to search a horse by entering the first three letters and selecting the particular horse from the dropdown menu and clicking the 'Save' Tab. You are also able to removed assigned horses from this screen as well.

Assign Groups

You can assign horses in various ways to a group. This can be done from the Horse Details, Horses In Groups, Horse Groups and Primary Horse Groups page.

The 'Update' Tab allows you to change the name of your group by highlighting the name and entering a new one.

The 'Delete' Tab allows you to remove an entire group. Deleting a group with horses leaves the horses available in the 'Horses In Groups' to be re-assigned to a new group.

Stables In Groups

You can track stables by grouping them in various categories and monitor their progress. You will be able to view the stables latest race results, date of registration and the amount of wins.

You can search a stable that you have put into a group by use of the Stable, Stable Level and Stable Groups filter. You also have the option to assign a stable to more than one group that you have created or remove a stable from a group by use of the 'Assign' Tab and red (X).

For example if you would like to find a stable you have listed into a group of your choice, simply select the group eg. 'Champs' and click > filter. All stables listed under this group will now display.

Stable Groups

Stable Groups

In ‘Stable Groups’, you can create and maintain various groups. There are ten ‘Display Styles’ (Colours) available to choose from.

By naming your group and selecting a ‘Display style’ and clicking the ‘Add’ Tab, you have now created a group in which you can assign stables and maintain your group as required.

Stable Group Names

When assigning a stable to your created stable groups, simply click the 'Assign' tab along side the group and enter the first three letters of the stable name on the new screen. Select the stable from the dropdown menu with a left mouse-click. Click the 'Save' tab to add the stable.

Stable Group Assign


Primary groups allows you to group your horses for easy stable management, especially for stables with many horses.

You can assign your horses to primary groups from Horse Groups, Primary Groups and the Horse Details Page.

Primary Groups
Primary Groups Page

In the above filters, you can filter for your horses by 'Horse Name', Horse Group, Grade, Age and Sex. The 'Apply to all' selects all horses on the page.

Your stables active horses and those in 'Primary Groups' will display on the 'Primary Groups' page. You can select your horses and assign them to a Primary Horse Group by clicking 'UPDATE' Tab after selecting the group. You can re-assign your horse from one primary group to another in the same manner.

Update your horse's primary allocation group by clicking the 'Star' icon next to the new group name to be allocated to. This can be done in the 'In Groups' tab on the 'Horse Details' page.

Please note: It is possible to have more than one primary group for your stable, however a horse may only belong to ONE primary group.

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