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Awards were last updated on Tue, Apr 25, 2017 - 1:20 AM and are updated daily.

RunsUS$My CurrencyBonus Award
Championship Race0US$1.50£1.21£0.00
Qualifying Race0US$1.50£1.21£0.00
Stakes Race GR10US$1.50£1.21£0.00
Stakes Race GR1 Low0US$0.60£0.48£0.00
Claiming Race0US$0.60£0.48£0.00
Rated Race Class A0US$1.00£0.81£0.00
Rated Race Class B0US$0.60£0.48£0.00
Rated Race Class C0US$0.30£0.24£0.00
WinsUS$My CurrencyBonus Award
Championship Race0US$2.00£1.62£0.00
Qualifying Race0US$2.00£1.62£0.00
Stakes Race GR10US$2.00£1.62£0.00
Stakes Race GR1 Low0US$2.00£1.62£0.00
Claiming Race0US$2.00£1.62£0.00
Previous Payouts

DateAwardRunsBonus Award
May 17, 08500 Runs Bonus Award50£40.82
Jan 31, 08500 Runs Bonus Award50£42.41
Dec 4, 07500 Runs Bonus Award50£20.83

Runs & Wins Bonus Awards:
  • The 500 Runs Bonus Award is accumulative from 1 April 2004.
  • The 50 Wins Bonus Award is accumulative for the current season.
  • The 50 Wins Bonus Award applies to Graded Races only.
  • Free races do not count towards Awards.
  • Based in US Dollars and subject to exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Allocated the following day when the system updates your profile.

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