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4:26 - Maiden Juvenile C - 1
Selco Racing Yard - i will take second as i forgot to train so ran at 80% fitness.

9:14 - $10.00 Claiming N2L 2Y CF - 1
Monopoly Stable - haha RC you really do take the mick

9:29 - $10.00 Claiming Juvenile C - 1
Monopoly Stable - here comes bottom rand again

10:00 - Maiden 2Y C - Gr1 - 1
Selco Racing Yard - This one was unfit as well as I entered wrong horse. Lucky didn't win

10:38 - Allowance 2Y C - Gr1 - 1
Celtic Race Party - receiving 11lbs.......unbelieveable.......Well done winner.

14:04 - $75.00 Claiming 4-7Y C - 1
Kent House - no shoes on this one.
Why do the eb rules keep chopplng and changing
can we have some clarity on this. Its not as if rc are even offering any bonus here or any betting

16:49 - D Division 2Y F - 1
Monopoly Stable - The usual added rand

16:59 - Allowance 2Y CF - 1
Gedgeys Top Guns - Just pay the stable fee and make sure the money is in the bank to pay for the race and it will go back in.

At least thats what I think i have seen horses come out of champ races and do the same before the race.

Horseymere - Doh, its my one thats out, forgot stable fees :( 48th Virtual Horse Racing Season - 1 April to 31 July 2017 48th Virtual Horse Racing Season - 1 April to 31 July 2017 Horse Leaderboard

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