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Date-Time Race Name Eligibility; Handicap Runners Entry Fee Stakes
Tue, Nov 27, 2007 - 10:00 PM Newbury Colts Sprint Challenge Final 4-7Y C
W2+; Win+2lbs 14 £0.00 £1,020.00
Raceclubs Cash £1,020.00


Submitted By: Grove Vale Stables
what a way to go out, GL Gazza.

Submitted By: derekw10
As we all know LGL and silver bullet win race after race but I believe this is down to a lot of the horses through the season do not run fully fit, they are both top class horses but I feel with so many light weight horses around they will have there work cut out. Kings Revenge has to be the one to beat from stool 1 and on 120lbs so many other good horses in this race where it will all be won and lost on the jockey. Here are my fun picks must point out this is the 3rd preview I have written out in the last 10 min’s so am picking these from what I can remember from the horses.
1st Kings Revenge
2nd Millennium Dubai
3rd La Gazza Ladra
4th Sarcastic
Submitted By: RedHalo Racing
These are the toughest races to call, because the form is very difficult to read, as you do not know who has been sandbagging etc. I expect both mine to run well, although would have preferred soft or yielding. Shadow Boxer is the better of the 2, & i would be surpised if he is not in the money. Andy holds a strong hand here & Kings Revenge looks the obvious one to beat of a featherweight. Giorgio Armani & Millennium Dubai look class. LGL is just a lengend & will not be far away, the weight could take its toll here. Fascinating race ahead - big time. Good luck to all runners, Charlie may well hold the key here.
Submitted By: Sky Castle Stables
Rainforest -- No -- would have needed yielding to have been a place chance.
The Aviator -- Nice colt but probably lacks the ability of this class
Arrow Express -- Together with The Aviator they were supposed to be aimed at a Consol run, with 1600m Qual wins the target but it kept on earning points, so here it is.
Kreuk -- Is the best of my four -- it has had an ordinary run of luck and is an eachway chance with decent jockey off 122lbs on the good ground.

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